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Ultimate sleep tracking app, backed by the YC accelerator and co-founder of Twitch


A Y-Combinator startup Chorus Sleep, contracted us to do the Frontend development for their mobile application for iOS platform. Trusted by Asana, Aviron Interactive and Modern Health. And backed by cofounder of Twitch Justin Kan and other venture capitalists.

Chorus Sleep is an evidence-based program that helps 80% of people sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed. Chorus Sleep is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (“CBT-I”) and other well-studied practices. CBT-I has been clinically proven more effective than sleeping pills.



We have covered complete development for iOS platform and implemented many features like sleep tracking, relaxation techniques, sleep essentials and sleep lessons, sleep coaching, in app subscription model using the recent technology SwiftSwiftUI, AVFoundation etc. And successfully published the app in App Store, as well helped with ASO(App Store Optimization).

Sleep Tracking

Track your sleep to measure progress.
Sync with your choice of wearable or enter manually.

Relaxation Techniques

Fall asleep fast with relaxation techniques that combine expert guidance with music.

Educational Content

Learn to improve your sleep with short, interactive educational content.

App in Action

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